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Market Assurance

Market Assurance is the process by which the Commission and the market participants obtain assurance that the operation of the market will not be adversely affected by a change to the market processes, the advent of a new participant or the entry of an existing participant into a new sector of the market.

Assurance concerns compliance of Participants’ market systems and business processes with the Market Design.

RMDS is responsible for the high-level co-ordination of the required interactions between market participants and the assurance body necessary to support the execution of the market assurance process. RMDS co-ordinates testing between the participants systems and the central market systems where required.

Market Assurance is governed by the Retail Market Assurance Strategy. The strategy specifies the scope of assurance as follows:

  • New entrants to the Market.
  • Existing market participants entering a new market segment.
  • Updates of the market design and changes to central market systems.
  • Re-qualification process for participants planning material changes in their processes or systems and participants planning to expand beyond the volume limits or their original assurance certification.
  • Assurance of other areas within the Market as required.
Market Assurance and Market Entry
Title Date
Assurance Strategy for the Irish Retail Electricity Market June 2021
Assurance Process for the Irish Retail Electricity Market June 2021