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MCR1187 - Solution to Eircodes using A2 Address


Three Market Change Requests were previously raised and approved to facilitate the introduction of Eircodes into the Retail Market.

•MCR1140 -Introduction of Eircodes into the Retail Market
•MCR0175 -New Reject Reason for Address Change Rejection
•MCR1169 -Addition of Postal Code to two downloadable meter point files

In advance of the delivery of there MCRs Suppliers may wish to implement Eircodes. ESBN are looking to see in advance of the delivery
of the MCRs above they can facilitate the population of the A2 Notification Address.

This change request has been raised to introduce Eircodes into the Retail Market Solution through the use of the notification
(Correspondence ) Address on the Market Messages by Suppliers.

Suppliers can provide the Eircodes in the A2(Correspondence address) on all relevant inbound market messages where the A2
Correspondence address is different to the A1(Meter Point Site).

MCR was re-versioned and amended to remove reference to market process defect in March 2018.

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