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MCR1185 - Small Supplier Categorisation


Currently the structure of the Small Supplier category does not facilitate the business model of a Supplier having a small number of sites but energy usage greater than 10MW power at peak demand.

The proposal is to change the current categorisation and assurance approach within the Small Supplier category the threshold of < 200 sites registered will continue to be part of the criteria in qualifying and operating as a Small Supplier in the Retail Market at all times the threshold of 10MW power supplied at peak demand will not apply as criteria where a Supplier indicates that their model is one which is a small number of customers but where there will be greater than 10MW power at peak demand.

The assurance body will determine the assurance assessment required for each Small Supplier entering the Retail Market based on the segment(s) the Supplier is entering and their Business model.

The Scope of Change to Design Documentation relates to amendments to the Market Assurance and Market Entry Documentation.

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