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MCR1167 - Facilitate energy efficiencies in Local Authority Public Lighting

he CCMA and TII have requested changes in the Unmetered Public Lighting sector in the Electricity Retail Market in
RoI to facilitate energy efficiencies in Local Authority Public Lighting.

This request has been submitted to ESB Networks from the Local Government Sector under the auspices of the
CCMA/TII. ESB Networks has received confirmation from the CCMA/TII that they are in agreement with the proposals
that have been documented in this Discussion Request.

New lamp types are proposed to be installed which will have the ability to be pre-programmed to allow for Dimming at
specific proportions and at specific times.

The original change request detailed the CCMA and TII’s top four essential priorities. This was approved at the Forum on the 13th of January this year. The change request has been re-versioned and amended to include the seven additional profiles that are required.

The change request was re-versioned and amended again to include new burn hour calendars and was approved in May 2018.


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