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MCR1154 - New Unmetered Tariff for NI

New photocells are being rolled out across the Department of Regional Development network in NI. These new cells are 35/18 photocells compared to (1) dusk to dawn (70/35) (3,906 burn hours) and (2) continuous (8,970 burn hours). These new cells will reduce burn hours by 47 hrs per annum. Currently there are only two DUoS tariffs for unmetered Public Lighting in NI.

They are:
• T710 – Unmetered 24 Hours and
• T711 – Unmetered Dusk to Dawn.

This MCR proposes two new tariff profiles to be added to cater for the new photocells.

LCC Power would like two new tariffs to be introduced for the unmetered supply, so that the most can be made out of the new photocells which are being rolled out across the country. 1) Dusk to Dawn profile, 35Lux ON & 18Lux OFF PECU, and 2) Dusk to Dawn profile, 35Lux ON & 18Lux OFF PECU with Part-Night Switch Off between 01:00hrs and 05:30hrs.

The addition of a new DUoS Group will involve a schema change as the DUoS group tariff is an enumerated data item.

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