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MCR1114 - Post-Harmonisation Sundry Technical Changes to HBL Schema

This Request provides a single gathering point for a number of small technical changes to the HBL and Harmonised Schema that arose during the course of the Harmonisation Projects (Enduring Solution in NI and HSP in ROI) but were not possible to implement at that time. In all cases the changes are technical in that they do not materially change the business content of either product. However, all changes will require some level of technical change in the implemented systems. This request is not to be considered until after the initial Harmonised market releases have been implemented in both jurisdictions.

At the time of preparing the DR for approval at ReMCoWG, it was decided to exclude non-schema changes and move these to a separate DR (DR1129). Therefore this DR is for the schema changes that were identified during the course of the Harmonisation Projects.

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