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MCR0175 - New Reject Reasons for Address Change Rejection


MPRN/Site Address change requests are sent by suppliers to ESBN via the 013 message. Each site address change is outsorted and reviewed by a member of the Networks Business. Some change requests involve lengthy investigations before a decision is made as to whether to change the site address or not.

If the address change proposed is accepted a 114 is sent indicating this. If ESBN decides that the requested address change is not appropriate, an 014R message is sent with a rejection reason IID. ESBN are responsible for the site or MPRN address whereas the Supplier determines the notification or general communication address. Please see Appendix 1 for existing list of Rejection Reasons

The Issue

The issue involves the lack of clarity as to why an address change was rejected. The IID reject reason is used for a variety of reasons and provides no view as to why ESBN decided to reject the proposed site address change. Suppliers find it difficult to provide answers to customers who are asking why the site addresses they requested to be changed have not been changed.

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