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DR1212 – Cooling off Period for MCC Changes

Creation of a Working Practice is proposed . Suppliers could use the working practice for erroneous MCC01 to MCC12/MCC16 transfer during COLE, Re-energisation with COLE and COCD tariff change as well as a consumer right to evoke cooling off during these transactions.
The process would involve a supplier providing details to the central email of the manual reversion that is required. All information supporting the manual reversion would be provided.
A SLA would need to be in place to ensure ESBN processed the manual reversion in time to allow consumer to reprocess their opted tariff with the supplier.
If ESBN wishes to automate with a web portal or SharePoint, this could also be considered. The working practice should be provided with all necessary details on how this will work. If the incidence of cooling off / erroneous transfer is significant, an automated solution may be considered down the line.


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