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DR1206 – Covid19 Supplier Suspension Process

The CRU Decision Paper Covid-19 Supply Suspension due to Temporary Closure sets out the obligations on Market Participants to assist SME customers during the Covid19 pandemic.

The scope of this DR is limited to that of the CRU paper referenced above i.e. DG5, DG5B, DG6, DG6B, and the market process to comply with the CRU decision. Suppliers should complete their own impact assessments on how the CRU decision impacts their own internal processes and customer billing.

The DR sets out the market process for
1. Reducing estimated readings used for DUoS billing and Data Aggregation/ Settlement and
2. Crediting distribution network charges i.e. crediting the Standing Charge and Capacity (MIC) charges to suppliers for eligible MPRNs


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