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DR1192 – NI Cooling Off

As per MPD1 suppliers must allow customers a 10 working day cooling off period to domestic customers. However, it is not documented in MPD1 that when working days are referred to that it is NIE Networks working days that are referred to rather than bank holidays and public holidays. Details of when the cooling off period commences is also absent from the MPD particularly.

Request that MPD1 is updated to include:
1) exact information in relation to when the cooling off period commences. Examples should be included for weekend sign ups, bank holiday sign ups etc.
2) that wording days are NIE working days rather than official bank holidays and public holidays.
3) a list of all NIE Networks non-working days.
4) where NIE Networks non-working days do not fall on the same date each year e.g. Easter, then the dates must be confirmed to suppliers at least 6 months in advance.


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