Working Practices

WP No. Title
WP 0027 Procedure for Supplier Initiated Transfer of MPRNs from one Supplier ID to another
WP 0026 Duplicate 016 Market Messages Process
WP 0024 Guidelines for Handling Objections to Change of Supplier
WP 0023 Working Practice for Group Unmetered Debt Flagging
WP 0022 Working Practice for De-energisation of Essential Plant Sites
WP 0021 Resolution of Crossed Metering Cases
WP 0020 Procedure to be used in the Change of Supplier process to flag a Customer who is within the Debt Threshold

(No longer in use as a result MCR 1111).

WP 0019 Procedure to be used for Prepayment / Keypad Meters
WP 0018 Procedure to be used where a customer has a ESBN Landis & Gyr Budget Controller (Token Meter) installed
WP 0016 Document the procedure to be used for like-for-like replacement of a QH meter
WP 0015 New Participant Registration
WP 0014 Distribution Connected Non Participant Generator Export Arrangements Working Practice
WP 0012 To nominate / denominate a Supplier as a recipient of Participant Generator messages
WP 0011 Re-Aggregation Messages Via CD
WP 0009 Suppliers to Confirm the name of the Connection agreement holder with MRSO
WP 0008 Customer Request for Estimation for NIL Consumption
WP 0007 Controls for TSO TuoS system for Initial Data Aggregation
WP 0006 Option to change CoS read arrangement where no reading becomes available or can be estimated under the agreed rules
WP 0005 EUF detail at Register Level
WP 0004 Terminate Connection- Request for a 021 message to be sent requesting de-registration
WP 0003 Controlling the number of 114 messages received in relation to a 013 Request
WP 0002 Requesting Registration of De-energised Sites
WP 0001 Requesting a Resend of Market Messages