Working Practices

WP No. Title Date.
WP 0033 Electricity Costs Benefits Scheme2 28/10/22
WP 0032 MCC02 Smart Meter Exchanges 29/08/22
WP 0031 Interim Retail Market Microgeneration 29/06/22
WP 0030 Electricity Costs Benefits Scheme 16/03/21
WP 0029 Application of the PSO to Commercial Storage 08/01/21
WP 0028 Covid19 Supply Suspension Process 01/05/20
WP 0027 Procedure for Supplier Initiated Transfer of MPRNs from one Supplier ID to another 29/08/18
WP 0026 Duplicate 016 Market Messages Process 27/05/15
WP 0024 Guidelines for Handling Objections to Change of Supplier 07/11/11
WP 0023 Working Practice for Group Unmetered Debt Flagging 19/08/13
WP 0022 Working Practice for De-energisation of Essential Plant Sites 08/05/13
WP 0021 Resolution of Crossed Metering Cases 08/05/13
WP 0020 Procedure to be used in the Change of Supplier process to flag a Customer who is within the Debt Threshold

(No longer in use as a result MCR 1111).

WP 0019 Procedure to be used for Prepayment / Keypad Meters 20/10/11
WP 0018 Procedure to be used where a customer has a ESBN Landis & Gyr Budget Controller (Token Meter) installed 20/10/11
WP 0016 Document the procedure to be used for like-for-like replacement of a QH meter 02/05/08
WP 0015 New Participant Registration 01/11/07
WP 0014 Distribution Connected Non Participant Generator Export Arrangements Working Practice 01/11/07
WP 0012 To nominate / denominate a Supplier as a recipient of Participant Generator messages 31/11/09
WP 0009 Suppliers to Confirm the name of the Connection agreement holder with MRSO 21/04/05
WP 0008 Customer Request for Estimation for NIL Consumption 14/03/05
WP 0007 Controls for TSO TuoS system for Initial Data Aggregation 04/01/05
WP 0006 Option to change CoS read arrangement where no reading becomes available or can be estimated under the agreed rules 04/01/05
WP 0005 EUF detail at Register Level 04/01/05
WP 0004 Terminate Connection- Request for a 021 message to be sent requesting de-registration 04/01/05
WP 0003 Controlling the number of 114 messages received in relation to a 013 Request 04/01/05
WP 0002 Requesting Registration of De-energised Sites 04/01/05
WP 0001 Requesting a Resend of Market Messages 04/01/05