Service Objectives

The RMDS Service Objectives are set out below and are taken from our Quality Manual – Section 5.4 – Planning.

5.4.1 Service objectives.

Relevance to Our Customers and Services

These objectives are based on feedback from our customers and are aligned with our Quality Policy.

Senior Management Commitment

The RMDS Service Objectives are agreed with ESBN Senior Management, our customers and the Commission via the RMDS Business Plan.

Establishment of the Service Objectives

The Service Objectives have been briefed to our team and are measured by them. One service objective is dependant on the performance of a key service provider. We are in the process of agreeing a service level with this provider consistent with the overall requirement of the service objective.

Measurability of our Service Objectives

Progress against objectives is measured and reviewed at team meetings and the Management Review.

Service Objectives

ProcessIGG MeetingsM1 IGG Change Control Documents (days before meeting)5

Area Activity Measure Objective
Customer Surveys No. per year 1
M2 IGG Agendas (days before meeting) 5
M3 IGG Working Documents (days before meeting) 2
M4 Draft Presentations (days before meeting) 2
M5 Open/Carried Forward Action Items list (days before meeting) 1
M6 Circulation of Final IGG Presentations (days after meeting 2
M7 New Action Items List (days after meeting) 2
M8 Circulation of IGG Minutes (days after meeting) 10
Conference Call C1 Agenda (days before meeting) 5
C2 Circulation of Conference Call Minutes (days after meeting) 5
Financial Financial Plan Expenditure within overall budget 100%

5.4.2 Management system planning.

The management system has been planned and implemented to meet our service objectives and the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.

Performance against service objectives, audit results and non-conformances are discussed during Management Review at team meetings and dedicated meetings to assess the effectiveness of the Management System. Any required changes are agreed.

Changes to the RMDS Management System are subsequently audited and the performance and audit results are reviewed at Management Review to ensure that the Management System continues to be effective, See Our Audit Checklist