Retail Market Design

The Retail Market Design is the set of processes and standards whereby the participants in the retail electricity market interact i.e. the ‘rules of the road’ for the retail market. The Industry Governance Group (IGG) is the forum where the Market Design is discussed.

The most recent release for the Retail Market Design was on 23rd of April 2019, a full Market Release. This is now the current, baselined Market Design which is at V12.0.

About the Market Design

The Market Design includes:

  • Market Procedure Documents
  • Market Messages
  • Briefing Papers
  • Working Practices
  • Technical Guides for Messaging

All of this documentation is subject to formal change control.

The Market Design is part of a wider framework that includes documents that are agreed outside the Industry Governance Group (IGG).

This framework includes:

  • The Market Design
  • Licenses & Codes
  • Agreements
  • Service Levels

RMDS is responsible for the maintenance, publication and circulation of information relevant to Retail Market Design.


In 2013 a decision was made to exit from ARIS and to convert the Market Design to document format with embedded Visio diagrams to represent the process flows. This project commenced at the end of 2013 and was completed in May, 2015. The Market Design change, V10.5, saw the completion of this migration from ARIS.

(For a limited time into the future, ARIS will be available to use but will remain at V10.2).

Click to view the Market Design V10.2.

(Note: To use ARIS, Java 1.1 or later needs to be installed on your machine).