ReMCoWG (Retail Markets Co-Ordination Working Group) was formally appointed by the Retail Market Co-ordination Steering Group (ReMCoSG) and provides a forum for all market participants to input into the development and implementation of any of the co-ordination workstreams in RoI and NI as decided upon by the RAs.

The ReMCoWG hold a meeting every eight weeks that alternate between the CRU offices in Tallaght and the UR offices in Belfast. Meeting details and related documentation for these meetings is available on the Calendar of Events on the RMDS website.

The ReMCoWG is primarily a Supplier forum. As the key players in the retail markets, driving competition and customer services, Suppliers are best positioned to identify new requirements and potential risks in market operation. Suppliers’ views are reported back to the ReMCoSG by the ReMCoDS through the ReMCoWG update/minutes; and each set of agreed ReMCoWG minutes is formally reviewed and noted by the ReMCoSG. Suppliers may also write to the appropriate Regulatory Authority if they believe a proposal or concern has not been properly addressed through the ReMCoWG / correctly recorded in its minutes.

The ReMCoWG will consist of:

  • Market Participants
  •  Observers

See Governance Arrangements for Retail Market Co-Ordination for further information.