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Raise a DRPlease complete the form below to submit a Discussion Request for consideration by the RMDS team. A member of the team will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your submission. Please provide as much information pertaining to the discussion request content.

This shall include, but will not be limited by the cause of the problem (if known), the circumstances when the issue/situation arises. Additionally, please provide any relevant background information that would make understanding of the issue easier. This should include a description of the issue/point, technical information pertaining to the issue if known, the business understanding of the issue if known and how the issue may/may not affect the market etc.

It is understood that a deep technical understanding of how the solution would be resolved may not be known. Not withstanding this, please provide as much technical details if known. Please suggest ways in which the relevant process or the issue would best be resolved.

The more detail that is provided assists greatly in undertaking the impact assessment.


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