MCR 1137 – April 2014

MCR 1137 introduces a change to the contents of the Downloadable Meter Points Data file whereby only billable meters will be shown.

At present non-billable meters are shown as well as billable meters. ESB Networks assessed the changes required to the Central Market Systems to support this MCR as of low complexity.

The following table will display a status of the MCR delivery process.

Event Date Status
 Participant Questionnaire issued 7th March 2014 Complete
 Participant Questionnaire returned 14th March 2014 Complete
 ESBN complete development TBD
 Requestors of MCR to validate file contents TBD
 Gemserv Report to CER 19th March 2014 Complete
 CER Go/No-Go Decision 25th March 2014 Complete
 Cut Over 10th April 2014