Market Messages

The Retail Electricity Market Design has 89 market messages which are sent as XML messages over the internet.

The Market Messages cover the following areas:-
• COS (Change of Supplier)
• Customer Data
• DA & DP (Data Aggregation and Data Processing)
• DUOS (Distribution Use Of System)
• Meter works
• New connections
• Unmetered

ESB Networks have provided software for the messaging solution. The Electricity Market Messaging Application (EMMA) sends and receives messages. Webforms are used to create market participant messages and the readings processor converts readings messages to legacy formats.

Message No. Message Description
010 Registration Request
011 Cancel Registration Request
011A Cancel Change of Supplier Agreement
012 Objection to Change of Supplier
012W Withdrawal of Objection to Change of Supplier
013 Customer Details Change
014R Customer Details Rejection
015 Change of SSAC and or Supplier Unit
016 Change Of Legal Entity
017 Meter Point Status Change Request
021 DeRegistration Request
030 MeterWorks Request
101 New Connection Registration Acceptance
101P New Connection Provisional Acceptance
101R New Registration Rejection
102 Change of Supply Registration Acceptance
102P Change of Supplier Provisional Acceptance
102R Change of Supplier Registration Rejection
105 Change of Supplier Confirmation
105L Change Of Supplier Confimation Customer Loss
106D Meter Point Status Confirmation DeEnergisation
106E Meter Point Status Confirmation Energisation
110 Notification to Old Supplier of CoS
111 Registration Cancellation
111A Change of Supplier Cancellation Notification
111L Registration Cancellation Customer Loss
111R Change of Supplier Cancellation Rejection
112 Notification of Objection
112R Notification of Objection Rejection
112W Withdrawal of Objection
114 Change of Customer Details Confirmation
115 Change of SSAC and or SupplierUnit Confirmation
115R Change of SSAC and or SupplierUnit Rejection
116 CoLE Confirmation
116A Change Of Legal Entity Confirmation
116N CoLE Notification
116R CoLE Rejection
117D Change In Energisation Status Delay
117R Meter Point Status Request Rejection
122 DeRegistration Confirmation
122R DeRegistration Rejection
130D MeterWorks Request Delayed
130R MeterWorks Request Rejection
131 Work Status
137R Rejection Of Appointment
208 Replacement Reading
210 Supplier Provided Reading
252 Request for Special Reading
260 Observation of Problem Damage or Tampering
261 Resolution of Problem Damage or Tampering
300 Validated Non Interval Readings Scheduled
300S Validated Non Interval Readings Special
300W Withdrawn Non Interval Readings
301 Meter Point Characteristics
301N Proposed Meter Point Characteristics
303R Customer Read Rejection
305 Non Settlement Estimates
306 Meter Point Status Change Confirmation DeEnergisation
306W Meter Point status Change DeEnergisation Withdrawn Read
307 Meter Point Status Change Confirmation Energisation
307W Meter Point Status Change Energisation Withdrawn Read
308 Non Interval Load Factor Reading Exception
310 Validated CoS Reading
310W Withdrawn CoS Reading
311 Meter Problems
320 Validated CoS Reading
320W Withdrawn CoS Reading
321 Read Cycle Notification
330 Non Interval To Interval Change
331  Interval Meter Technical Details
332 Non Interval Technical Meter Details
332W Withdrawn Read Non Interval Meter Technical Details
341  Import Interval Meter Daily Readings
342 Export Interval Meter Daily Readings
352R Special Reading Request Rejection
507 Designated DUoS Payment Dispute
507C Designated DUoS Payment Dispute Control
591 Non Interval Aggregation
594 Part GU Aggregation
595 Interval Import Aggregation
596 Supplier Copy SMO
597 Generator Copy SMO
598 Non Part GU Aggregation
601 Rejection To Invalid Message
602 Daily Summary Reconciliation Count
700 Unmetered Characteristics
700W Unmetered Characteristics Withdrawal
701 Unmetered Consumption
701W Unmetered Consumption Withdrawal