Market Assurance

Market Assurance is governed by the Retail Market Assurance Strategy. The strategy specifies the scope of assurance as follows:

  • New entrants to the Market.
  • Existing market participants entering a new market segment.
  • An existing supplier wishing to be eligible as a Supplier of Last Resort.
  • Updates of the market design and changes to central systems.
  • Re-qualification process for participants planning material changes in their processes         or systems and participants planning to expand beyond the volume limits or their               original assurance certification.
  • Assurance of other areas within the Market as required.

Market Assurance Documentation

New Segment – Large Supplier Date
SAR Large Supplier – New Segment Application and Questionnaire   July 2012
Self Assessment return (SAR)   January 2013
New Segment – Small Supplier Date
Small Supplier New Segment Assurance Forms July 2012
Self Assessment return(SAR) January 2013


Small to Large Supplier Date
Re-qualification Small to Large Supplier Assurance Forms     July 2012
Self Assessment return (SAR)     January 2013
Material Change Date
Material Change Assurance Forms July 2012