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IGG General Business Correspondence 

IGG, General, Industry Meeting Agendas, Actions, Documents for review etc., Industry Meeting Minutes, Conference Call Agendas, Conference Call Minutes, Market Messaging Issues, ESB Networks Notifications, Market Release information, CER Notifications, Assurance Notifications, Project Announcements, DR and MCR Notifications, Workshop Notifications, General RMDS Notifications including De-Minimis figures, Action Item Reminders, End of Year Working Arrangements etc., Notification of Updates to the RMDS Calendar and Website

IGG Technical and Outage Notifications

IGG, Technical & Outages, System Outages and Fault Notifications, Extranet Outages and Fault Notifications, Secure File Transfer Outages and Fault Notifications, Maintenance Notifications, TIBCO /Market Messaging Issues, System Performance Issues, Cutover Information.

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