Governance Documents

Governance Documents

The Retail Markets Co-ordination Steering Group (ReMCoSG) is formally established under the direction of UR and CRU and provides a forum for the overall governance and strategic guidance of the Co-ordinated retail markets in RoI and NI.

The ReMCoSG is made up of:

  • The CRU and UR (the RAs)
  • ESB and NIE Networks (The Network Operators, the NOs)
  • ReMCoDS (the ReMCoDS, – Secretariat)
  • Suppliers

The ReMCoSG meets regularly and is chaired alternatively by CRU or UR member.

The technical workload of the ReMCoSG is carried out on its behalf by the Retail Markets Co-Ordination Working Group (ReMCoWG). The ReMCoWG meets regularly, is chaired alternatively by NIE Networks or ESBN members and is open to all Market Participants from either jurisdiction. Its primary role is to review all on-going market design change requests emerging from either jurisdiction and their potential impact on the co-ordinated schema.

Decisions to recommend co-ordinating schema-impacting changes are passed to ReMCoSG for ratification; Requests that are non-impacting the Co-ordinated Schema are classified as Jurisdiction-specific and are passed without discussion to the IGG or CDA as appropriate. The detailed workings of the ReMCoWG are documented in the Harmonised Retail Market Design Change Control Process. ReMCoWG meeting materials and minutes, including a summary update from the preceding ReMCoSG, are filed on the RMDS Calendar.

The ReMCoWG workload is administered by the Retail Markets Co-Ordination Design Services (ReMCoDS).

Title Version Effective Date
Retail Market Release Prioritisation Process V 1.0 26th April 2018
NIE-ESB Harmonised Retail Market Development Plan 2012-2015 V 2.0 7th June 2012
Governance Arrangements for Retail Markets Co-ordination V 1.0 14th December 2012
Change Control Process for the Co-Ordinated Retail Electricity Markets V 4.0 2nd April 2015
Evaluation Process for Co-Ordinated Schema Retail Market Changes V 4.0 25th November 2013
HRDS High Level Schematic V 1.0 28th November 2012
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