Defect Resolutions

Defect Description Raised by IGG Status
DRR 107 Design in order to reflect the position in relation to live messages. RMDS 25/08/2006 Issued
DRR 104 Omission in MCR of Baseline Products Impacted for MCR 0064 RMDS 18/05/2006 Issued
DRR 103 Removal of DG5A, DG6A and MCC68 (Autoproducer) and DG4 Unmetered DuoS Groups from Market Design ESB Networks 28/04/2006 Issued
DRR 102 Omission of Customer Contact Details from 101P in XML Schema ESB Networks 06/04/2006 Issued
DRR 101 Remove DG5/QH combination from MCC Guidance notes ESB Networks 12/01/2006 Issued
DRR 100 Future De-registration date validation to be added to Guide RMDS 12/01/2006 Agreed
DRR 099 Erroneous 300 messages issuing on foot of de-registration ESB Customer Supply 08/12/2005 Issued
DRR 098 Addition to the Comments field v 5.0 of Data Codes MCC70 &MCC71 ESB Networks 08/12/2005 Issued
DRR 097 Update to the validation of Notification Addresses on the 010, 013, 016 and 017 messages ESB Networks 08/12/2005 Issued
DRR 096 MOIEX Hub not processing packages with multiple messages contained MOIP 20/10/2005 Issued
DRR 095 Problems processing filenames less than 7 chars in length 20/10/2005 Issued
DRR 094 MPCC not generating error message for badly formed XML 20/10/2005 Issued
DRR 093 Receipt Acknowledgement refers to un-sent message MOIP 20/10/2005 Issued
DRR 092 MPCC Malformed message not logged correctly MOIP 20/10/2005 Issued
DRR 091 Addition of reject reason IID to 102R and 101R Messages MOIP 20/10/2005 Issued
DRR 090 Addition of reject reason IA on message 112R / 111R to cater for 012 duplicate scenario MOIP 20/10/2005 Issued
DRR 089 Addition of a paragraph omitted in error from MPD 24 version 5.0 MOIP 20/10/2005 Agreed
DRR 088 Addition of new Meter Category code (RM253) MOIP 07/08/2005 Agreed
DRR 086 Various clarifications to Meter Works guide MOIP 08/07/2005 Agreed
DRR 085 Update MPD 29 to cater for SoLR Process for Grouped Unmetered RMDS 08/07/2005 Agreed
DRR 084 Amendments to MPD 3 to cater for unmetered RMDS 09/06/2005 Agreed
DRR 083 Update to MPD15 to specify channel of communication for notification of changes MOIP 19/05/2005 Agreed
DRR 082 Changes to valid read reasons on 300 and 300S MOIP 19/05/2005 Agreed
DRR 081 Use of Rejection reason IA on 303R MOIP 07/04/2005 Agreed
DRR 080 Addition of IID to valid rejection reasons on 303R in market design MOIP 08/03/2005 Agreed
DRR 079 Modification to MPCC Access database ESBIE 08/03/2005 Agreed
DRR 078 Clarifications to CoCD Processes as a result of learning points Agreed MOIP 16/02/2005 Agreed
DRR 077 Clarifications to Registration Processes as a result of learning points Agreed MOIP 16/02/2005 Agreed
DRR 076 Clarifications to Meter Works Processes as a result of learning points Agreed MOIP 16/02/2005 Agreed
DRR 075 Clarification to instructions for composition of CoLE fields on 017 Market Message MOIP 16/02/2005 Agreed
DRR 074 Removal of site specific DLF Codes from 301 and 301N MOIP 16/02/2005 Agreed
DRR 072 Update to Webforms for message 017 MOIP 25/01/2005 Agreed
DRR 071 Update to message 300 instructions in order to reflect Appendix in message guides MOIP 25/01/2005 Agreed
DRR 070 Clarifications to 301 and 301N message instructions MOIP 25/01/2005 Agreed
DRR 069 Amendments to agreed character set MOIP 18/01/2005 Agreed
DRR 068 Population of settlement class on market message 102P MOIP 25/01/2005 Agreed
DRR 067 Correction to Aggregation Briefing Paper – Recalculation of EUF Values MOIP 20/12/2004 Agreed
DRR 066 Corrections to XML Schema – ‘B’ DUoS groups MOIP 20/12/2004 Agreed
DRR 065 Correction to format of 501 message MOIP 20/12/2004 Agreed
DRR 064 Additions to published codes for generators MOIP 02/12/2004 Agreed
DRR 062 Clarification to Non NPA related Re-energisation process MOIP 02/12/2004 Agreed
DRR 061 Clarification to NQH CoS Cancellation Process MOIP 02/12/2004 Agreed
DRR 060 Amendments to load profile definitions MOIP 11/11/2004 Agreed
DRR 059 Amendments to flag type definitions – Boolean fields MOIP 11/11/2004 Agreed
DRR 058 Corrections to unmetered messages MOIP 20/12/2004 Agreed
DRR 056 Changes to MPCC to correct defects MOIP 11/11/2004 Agreed
DRR 055 Change to Supplier ID format MOIP 11/11/2004 Agreed
DRR 054 Amendment to instructions for 011 and 011A to cater for new message 111L MOIP 11/11/2004 Agreed
DRR 053 Clarifications and updates to DUoS, Transaction and Payments process doc MOIP 11/11/2004 Agreed
DRR 052 Clarifications to Supplier Communication resulting from Billing and invoicing MOIP 11/11/2004 Agreed
DRR 051 Addition to instructions for Notification Address segment in Implementation guides MOIP 11/11/2004 Agreed
DRR 049 Amendments to optionality on 016 message MOIP 06/04/2004 Agreed
DRR 048 V1 Amendments to optionality of meter location MOIP 30/09/2004
DRR 048 Amendments to optionality of meter location MOIP 21/10/2004 Agreed
DRR 047 Amendments to 116A message MOIP 30/09/2006 Agreed
DRR 046 Amendments to unmetered fields MOIP 11/11/2006 Agreed
DRR 045 Minor amendment to field instructions for MPBR on 305 message in message guide MOIP 30/09/2006 Agreed
DRR 043 V1 Correction to MPD 8 MOIP 30/09/2006 Agreed
DRR 043 Correction to MPD 8 MOIP 30/09/2006 Agreed
DRR 042 Correction to MPCC MOIP 30/09/2006 Agreed
DRR 040 Change to optionality on 102P – Provisional Acceptance completion Requirement MOIP 30/09/2006 Agreed
DRR 039 Change to MPDs 24 and 25 – allowable DUoS Group changes MOIP 30/09/2006 Agreed
DRR 038 Addition of IID as valid rejection reason on MM 014R and 116R MOIP 08/10/2006 Agreed
DRR 037 Correction to MPD 14 MOIP 11/11/2006 Agreed
DRR 036 Correction of Codes MOIP 30/09/2006 Agreed
DRR 035 Addition of Duos Group codes to support current design MOIP 11/11/2004 Agreed
DRR 034 Minor amendment to format and length of two unmetered data items MOIP 30/09/2004 Agreed
DRR 033 Minor amendment to EAI Code to correct typo MOIP 18/09/2004 Agreed
DRR 032 Additions and corrections to Generator MPID, Generator ID and Generation Unit ID codes v2.0 MOIP 14/09/2004 Agreed
DRR 031 Corrections to Rejection Detail segment in message guides v1.0 MOIP 14/09/2004 Agreed
DRR 030 Corrections to MPD 7 MOIP 09/09/2004 Agreed
DRR 029 Addition of codes for unmetered type MOIP 09/09/2004 Agreed
DRR 028 Changes to market documentation – load profile MOIP 09/09/2004 Agreed
DRR 027 Changes to 507 and 507C MOIP 09/09/2004 Agreed
DRR 026 Multiple participant IDs per MPCC instance MOIP 18/09/2004 Agreed
DRR 025 Removal of ‘Message’ 506 from XML Schema and Message Catalogue MOIP 09/09/2004 Agreed
DRR 024 Corrections to Data codes MOIP 09/09/2004 Agreed
DRR 023 Corrections to Webforms MOIP 09/09/2004 Agreed
DRR 020 V2 Amendment to MPD 19 required as a result of testing MOIP 20/09/2004 Agreed
DRR 022 Corrections to XML Schema MOIP 09/09/2004 Agreed
DRR 021 Amendment to MPD 14 to clarify messages used to send settlement and non settlement estimates MOIP 31/08/2004 Agreed
DRR 020 Amendment to MPD 19 required as a result of testing MOIP 09/09/2004 Agreed
DRR 019 Addition of Validation sequence diagrams to Guides MOIP 09/09/2004 Agreed
DRR 018 NQH Meter Reading reasons and types table to be added to Message Guides MOIP 09/09/2004 Agreed
DRR 017 Incorrect allocation of codes MOIP 09/09/2004 Agreed
DRR 016 Correction to field length for dispute reason MOIP 09/09/2004 Agreed
DRR 015 Correction to MPD 15 for export sites MOIP 09/09/2004 Agreed
DRR 014 Amendment to XML Validations MOIP 19/08/2004 Agreed
DRR 013 Correction to MPD 14 for NQH Billing reversals over 30 kVA MOIP 19/08/2004 Agreed
DRR 012 Correction to Supplier Communication arising from billing and invoicing doc for CoLE MOIP 19/08/2004 Agreed
DRR 011 Clarification to MPD 1 Change of Supplier MOIP 19/08/2004 Agreed
DRR 010 Clarification to MPD 3 Objection & Cancellation MOIP 19/08/2004 Agreed
DRR 009 RM Codes – Updates required to support cutover MOIP 19/08/2004 Agreed
DRR 008 Corrections to DUoS billing Documentation MOIP 29/07/2004 Agreed
DRR 007 Minor Corrections to definitions and codes MOIP 29/07/2004 Agreed
DRR 006 Clarification to MPD 9 for NPA MOIP 29/07/2004 Agreed
DRR 005 Corrections related to Message 305 MOIP 08/07/2004 Agreed
DRR 004 Supplier ID erroneously removed from 105 Message MOIP 08/07/2004 Agreed
DRR 003 Changes to Timeslot codes MOIP 08/07/2004 Agreed
DRR 002 Correction to Market Message Implementation Guide MOIP 08/06/2004 Agreed
DRR 001 Changes to Meter Configuration Codes MOIP 08/07/2004 Agreed