Co-ordinated Market

As part of the broad strategic goal to promote electricity retail competition, and following support during discussions with suppliers in senior stakeholder groups, the Regulatory Authorities (RAs) agreed to undertake a project to scope and deliver alignment, where possible, in the supply market facing processes and procedures in the two jurisdictions. The intention in doing so would be to make it easier / more cost effective for suppliers to operate in both jurisdictions in an optimal manner, to the benefit of consumers.

In 2009, as a result of NIE’s Enduring Solution project, there was an opportunity to harmonise the Market Messages and associated Data Definitions used in the NI and ROI electricity Retail Markets. The co-ordinated Retail Market Systems went live in both jurisdictions in October 2012. There is now a suite of baseline Market documents covering shared common components and jurisdiction-specific Market Message Guides and impact documents.

The original Harmonisation Workshop Outputs can be found here for reference.

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