Co-ordinated Baseline

Coordinated BaselineCo-ordinated Baseline Core Components

The Co-ordinated Baseline (CoBL) consists of 3 components: Market Messages, Data Definitions and Data Codes. The Market Messages component consists of all of the agreed co-ordinated Market Message structures, including data item-level details such as schema name, optionality and data formats. Facilities for searching and filtering allow for easy look-up of specific data items or other elements.

The Data Definitions and Codes components consist of definitions for all of the data items in the agreed co-ordinated schema and, where data items have associated coded values, a list of all codes, their descriptions and in which jurisdiction(s) they are valid. The CoBL components are contained on separate tabs in a single Excel spreadsheet file.

Component Version Effective Date
Co-ordinated Baseline V5.0 16 February 2021

All of the baseline components are subject to the Harmonised Change Control Procedure.

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