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TUP Market Communications Plan

Click here for the TUP Market Communications Plan.

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FAQ’s for Schema MCRs

Questions MCR 1111 MCR 1122 MCR 1111 1 How will the network decide if it is CoLE or not? What are the exceptions for Cole? 2 FWP & SWP – 48 hours window compulsory? Will FWP or SWP set to…

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FAQs for TIBCO Upgrade Project

Questions Digital Certs EMMA Performance Testing Test and Cutover Webforms SMART Metering Licences Digital Certs 1 Each market participant is responsible for purchasing of digital certs “as per guidelines provided” – how/when will these guidelines be provided? EMMA 1 Where…

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TIBCO/Schema Programme – Participant Questionnaire

The Participant Questionnaire (PQ) is to assess the extent to which Market Participants are aware of both the coordinated TIBCO Hub Project changes and Schema changes, the details of their approach and their readiness for the changes to go live….

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TIBCO/Schema Programme – Strategy

The Regularity Authority’s (RA) require an assurance strategy to give them the confidence that the programme is being delivered with a mitigated risk to the co-ordinated markets, delivery is in compliance with the technical and timescale requirements and that all…

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TIBCO/Schema Programme – Assurance

Both Regulatory Authorities (RA) mandate the need for Assurance. The assurance process provides an assessment based on an agreed set of criteria and enables the RA’s to make a decision regarding Project “Go Live” based on a full risk assessment….

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