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Reference Material

Title Date DSO Version of Anonymised Non Schema 2015 PQ report 03.11.2015 Supplier Version of Anonymised Non Schema 2015 PQ report 03.11.2015 Non Schema Release 2015 – Participant Questionnaire 21.08.2015 CER approval of Non Schema Release 2015 Assurance Approach 17.06.2015…

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Non-Schema 2015 – Lessons Learnedq

These will be posted here post implementation.

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Non-Schema 2015 – MCRs for Implementation

The MCRs that will implemented in the Non-Schema Release for 2015 are listed below. MCR 1136 131 MM to be added to Messages Tab on Extranet. MCR 1151 Add the Meter Multiplier and Meter Category code value for each relevant…

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Non-Schema 2015 – Participant Questionnaire

The Participant Questionnaire (PQ) is to assess the extent to which Market Participants are aware of Non Schema changes, the details of their approach and their readiness for the changes to go live. All Market Participants are asked to complete…

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Non-Schema 2015 – Market Release Assurance

Gemserv have issued Assurance strategy for the Non Schema Release 2015. This can be accessed here. The following table displays all relevant Assurance dates for both MCRs. MCR1136 MCR151 Participant Questionnaire issued 21 Aug 2015 21 Aug 2015 Participant Questionnaire…

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Planning information will appear here.

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