Category: MCR ROI Specific withdrawn

MCR 0034 Sending 307 for all NQH Re-energisations

Detail of Change Request Add a new field on the 332 and 332W MMs in the Meter Point Details segment as an optional field. This change applies only to NQH Metered sites. The new field would be called Meter Point…

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MCR 0033 – Sending 306 for all NQH De-energisations

Detail of Change Request While the 332 message that is sent to Suppliers does show the MPRN Status as de-energised the current design does not provide for a definite de-energisation indicator to be sent to Suppliers. This change allows for…

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MCR 0130 – Extra validation for correct meter point status required at creation of some messages.

Detail of Change Request Background Suppliers currently receive the following messages to notify them of De-energisation and Re-energisations in relation to NQH and QH sites: • 306 NQH De-energisation Notification • 307 NQH Energisation Notification • 106D Meter Point Status…

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