Category: MCR Harmonisation

MCR 1009 – Removal of Cleansed Address Indicator

This Discussion Request proposes that NIE will not adopt a cleansed address indicator process for Meter Point Address maintenance when a Change to Customer details market message 013 is received. The adoption of this process would have meant that once…

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MCR 1006 – Retain MPRN on change of voltage from LV to HV

When a change of voltage is required at the customer’s meter NIE terminates the existing Low Voltage (LV) MPRN and assigns a new MPRN for the High Voltage (HV) connection. This Discussion Request proposes to maintain the same MPRN and…

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MCR 1004 – Supplier to use the MCC on 010 New Connection Registration Market Message as agreed by customer at the New Connection Application stage

Currently in NI the Supplier agrees the Meter Configuration Code (MCC) with the customer and must provide it on the New Connection Registration Request (010). The registration request will be rejected if the code is not present or is not…

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MCR 1003 – Addition of New Value Codes

This Discussion Requests proposes the addition of two new NI-specific value codes to the pending harmonised schema. The two new value codes to be added are DUoS Group T053 (Standard Rate Keypad) and Meter Configuration Code N006 (Economy 7 and…

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MCR 1042 – Removal of non-visit keypad meter configuration changes

This Change Request proposes to disable (at least until a post go live review is carried out) the functionality and processes where a Supplier may request a nonvisit keypad configuration change. Initially all keypad meter configuration change requests by Suppliers…

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