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MCR 1126 – Phone Number Categorisations

NIE requires accurate capture and maintenance of phone numbers. This could also be seen as beneficial for all Market Participants. The phone number data model and strategy is important from a customer service perspective. Currently, there is no way of…

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MCR 0087 – Exchanged Meter Ref amendment to provide only for like for like exchanges

Currently Exchanged Meter Reference is provided in the new and removed Meter ID Segments of the 332 and 331 messages even when a physical exchange of Meter has not taken place. Click here to open the document.

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MCR 0078 – Add Validation to Use of Registered Company Number

Detail of Change Request To prevent the occurrence of erroneous inferring of Change of Legal Entity it is proposed to add validation surrounding Registered Company Number to the following Market Messages for sites over 100 kVA: • 010 – Registration…

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MCR 0174 – Incomplete Set of Reads

See DR 114 The issue Currently when Market participants submit reads via market message 210, validation is in place within the Central Market System (CMS) which prohibits the acceptance of an actual read as part of an incomplete set of…

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MCR 0080 – Remove Meter Point Status Field from 017 Message

Detail of Change Request In certain circumstances 017 messages are not being progressed where they are submitted with Meter Point Status and Meter Point Status reason codes which are not in alignment. It is proposed to remove the Meter Point…

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MCR 1070 – New Data Codes

To add a new Reject Reason code “IMI” with the description “Interval Metering Installed” in the event that a Supplier sends in a 252 market message requesting a special read for an interval meter. To add a new Reject Reason…

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MCR 1017 – Change Keypad Meter Configuration – Supplier Execution to

Currently Suppliers can submit a Fieldwork request (030) for a keypad meter configuration change which does not require a site visit. NIE performs the configuration change and obtains meter readings during a telephone call with the customer. This Discussion Request…

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MCR 1011 – Use 507 and 507C Market Message for Designated Disputes in DUoS Billing with 5% Invoice Value Rule Retained

This Discussion Request proposes the introduction of 507 and 507C market messages for Designated DUoS Disputes where the Supplier disputes amount exceeds 5% of the total invoice in NI as per the NIE Distribution Use of System Agreement. This will…

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