Category: MCR Co-ordinated implemented

MCR 1188 – Update MPD-09 to reflect Meter/Service Removal

Following the briefing on a P1 SAFETY incident, it was identified that market documentation needed to be updated to reflect the as-is process that is currently in place to cater for meter and/or service removal as part of a de-energisation….

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MCR 1136 – 131 MM to be added to Messages Tab on Extranet

Market Message 131 Work Status is requested to be made available on the Messages tab on the Retail Market Participant Extranet Website. The 131 MM will be displayed when either the “All” check box or the “Meter Works” check box…

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MCR 1129 – Post-Harmonisation Sundry non-Schema changes to HBL

This Request provides a single gathering point for a number of non-technical changes to the Co-Ordinated Baseline that arose during the course of the Harmonisation Projects (Enduring Solution in NI and HSP in ROI) but were not possible to implement…

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MCR 1122 – Introduction of Flag into the Market Design to identify Sites with Essential Plant

The traditional practice of ESBN has been not to de-energise essential plant where Health & Safety issues may arise. Essential Plant includes but not limited to: • Water Pumping/Treatment Systems, Fire Fighting Equipment incl. Alarms, Pumps, etc. • Fire Fighting…

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MCR 1111 – Automated Debt Flagging Solution

In June 2011 the Commission published a proposed Decision, CER/11/106 – Customer Bad Debt in Electricity & Gas Markets, on the issue of Customer Bad Debt. CER approved the implementation of a debt flagging facility into the Change of Supplier…

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