Category: MCR Co-ordinated approved

MCR1183 – 010 Cust Validation Agreement

Within the retail market, customer agreements must be in place before a 010MM can be submitted. In addition, a ten working day cooling off period must have been completed prior to the submission of the 010MM. Currently there is no…

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MCR1173 -Vulnerable Cust Implementation in RoI of SI 463

This Change Request has been raised for changes that are required to implement compliance in RoI with SI 463 Summary of Proposed Changes: Capture mental health & dexterity impaired as a type of vulnerability thus allowing suppliers to register customers…

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MCR1167 – Facilitate energy efficiencies in Local Authority Public Lighting

The CCMA and TII have requested changes in the Unmetered Public Lighting sector in the Electricity Retail Market in RoI to facilitate energy efficiencies in Local Authority Public Lighting. This request has been submitted to ESB Networks from the Local…

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MCR1154 – New Unmetered Tariff for NI

New photocells are being rolled out across the Department of Regional Development network in NI. These new cells are 35/18 photocells compared to (1) dusk to dawn (70/35) (3,906 burn hours) and (2) continuous (8,970 burn hours). These new cells…

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MCR 1066 – Update of SIC – EAI Codes

Following a review it has been found that the provisional harmonised schema is still using the old SIC classifications previously released back in 2003. It is therefore requested that an exercise to be undertaken by NIE to update the harmonised…

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