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DR 0102 – Validation Rules – to prevent erroneous de-registration

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DR 0093 – kVArh Estimation

The approach to DUoS billing is as outlined in ‘Proposals for New DUoS Billing System v 2.0’ as approved by CER in February 2004. Under this approach, low power factor penalties charged on foot of estimated readings are not refundable….

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DR 0084 – Demolished Premises Supplier to Send De-Energisation Request New Procedure

ESB Networks propose to implement a new procedure in the case of demolition of premises. New procedure would ensure that the Supplier is responsible for issuing a De-energisation Market Message in all cases where premises are being demolished once made…

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DR 0085 – Proposed Revision to Non NPA Re-Energisation/De-Energisation Requests

ESB Networks propose to implement a revised procedure in the case of NPA Re-energisation / De-energisation requests. Revised procedure would ensure that when the Meter Operator staff member goes to site to de-energise or re-energise and is unable to carry…

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DR 0083 – New Customer Letters Proposed in Vacant Premises and no Access Scenarios

ESB Networks propose to leave letters at Customer premises in the following scenarios Sample copies of the letters are attached for reference: 1. Where a Non NPA De-energisation is carried out. The letter informs the new occupier to contact the…

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DR 0007 Defaulting Business Reference on Web forms

Defaulting Business Reference on Web forms Please click here to open document

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