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DR1194 – Adjust NI Readings

Long term consumption adjustments have been an outstanding market issue for a considerable time period. Metering related issues in particular cases related to equipment, wiring or installation errors create extremely difficult and emotive customer interactions. The current market rules allow…

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DR1192 – NI Cooling Off

As per MPD1 suppliers must allow customers a 10 working day cooling off period to domestic customers. However, it is not documented in MPD1 that when working days are referred to that it is NIE Networks working days that are…

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DR1191 – SoLR Review

The DR was created to initiate a review into the SoLR process. This review of the SoLR process will take into account policy work underway in relation to the SoLR in the Prepayment Electricity sector. Any necessary changed will be…

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DR1186 –Micro Generation Aggregation

Currently a Suppler only has to submit installed capacity figures to NIE Networks. With multiple suppliers offering to buy micro generation there is a risk that, without the knowledge of the supplier, a customer could register with multiple suppliers and…

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DR1178 – Change of Customer Details

Suppliers have had a concern since 2010 that NIE Networks continue to hold previous occupiers’ names on market systems even though that occupier has ended their supply agreement with the registered Supplier. The concerns include the following: 1. As Suppliers…

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DR 1152 – Change to MG NI 22 – Customer Data Requests- 1/2 Hourly Customer Data requests.

Extract from MG NI 22 – Customer Data Requests, Page 4 Clause 2.1.2 “One non-chargeable request may be made for a Meter Point in a calendar year. This limit is independent whether the request is from a Customer or a…

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DR 1148 – Introduction of a 13 Month Limit for Retrospective Adjustments to UOS Charging.

An introduction of a 13 month limit for NIE to be able to make retrospective adjustments to UOS charging. This is called ‘Long Term Adjustments for material errors (LTAs’) Click here to read the document

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DR 1147 – Changes to the Market Registration Code Approved of Release Date – 21 May 2012

This discussion request proposes changes to the Market Registration Code Approved Release Date: 21 May 2012 to reflect a change the Central Design Authority Board quorum, to amend some accidental omissions/corrections and to replace references “HRDS”, ‘HWG’ and ‘HSG’ (abbreviated…

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DR 1142 – Send 131X Market Message with C010 to the Supplier when 017 MM D02 (De-energise – NPA related) scheduled/despatched fieldwork has been cancelled by NIE at Supplier’s Request

Send 131X Market Message with C010 to the Supplier when 017 MM D02 (De-energise – NPA related) scheduled/despatched fieldwork has been cancelled by NIE at Supplier’s Request Click here to read document

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DR 1143 – Changes to Export Meter Reading and Wholesale Settlement related to Microgeneration Growth

Micro generation (particularly PV) is growing at an unprecedented level with over 3000 micro generators currently. Two suppliers currently offer a service to customers to purchase export and ROCs (Power NI is the only supplier which is required to offer…

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DR 1144 – Changes to SoLR Arrangement in Northern Ireland

This DR is being raised following instruction for the UR regarding the Supplier of Last Resort arrangements in Northern Ireland and to notify Market participants. Click here to read the document.

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DR 1138 – Revised Process for Handling Vacant Properties

Current Status
A workshop in June 2014 with CER is required to close out remaining issues on this item. Notification of meeting will be circulated 3 weeks in advance

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