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DR1193 – Tibco Reconciliation file to include list of TxRefNums

When there is a discrepancy in the reconciliation process the solution to identify the missing message(s) is quite cumbersome. Currently the 602 MM provides the type and count of messages sent/received between 03:00 am yesterday to 03:00 am today but…

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DR1183 – 010 Customer Agreement Validation

Within the retail market, customer agreements must be in place before a 010MM can be submitted. In addition, a ten working day cooling off period must have been completed prior to the submission of the 010MM. Currently there is no…

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DR1173-Vulnerable Cust Implementation in RoI of SI 463

This Change Request has been raised for changes that are required to implement compliance in RoI with SI 463 Summary of Proposed Changes: Capture mental health & dexterity impaired as a type of vulnerability thus allowing suppliers to register customers…

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DR1168 – Market Messages for Config Changes

Over the last number of months Energia have witnessed a rise in 331 MMs received from NIE which are meter configuration changes but there are no metering details sent in the XML. This scenario appears to occur specifically where the…

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DR1154 – New Un-metered Tariffs for NI

New photocells are being rolled out across the Department of Regional Development network in NI. These new cells are 35/18 photocells compared to (1) dusk to dawn (70/35) (3,906 burn hours)and (2) continuous (8,970 burn hours). These new cells will…

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