Category: 2014 Non Schema Release

Reference Material

Title Date Request for CER Approval Non Schema Changes 04.02.2014 Apr Aug 2014 MDR Assurance Approach v1.0 Issued 04.03.2014 MCR 1137 Participant Questionnaire 05.03.2014 Non Schema Release 2014 – Participant Questionnaire for MCR 1137 07.03.2014 CER decision on MCR 1137…

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Lessons Learned

These will be posted here post implementation.

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MCR 1033 – September 2013

MCR 1033 involves populating the Market Participant Business Reference on a number of 300 series Market Messages thereby facilitating the identification of readings and the events that triggered them. Currently the Market Participant Business Reference is available but not populated….

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MCR 1137 – April 2014

MCR 1137 introduces a change to the contents of the Downloadable Meter Points Data file whereby only billable meters will be shown. At present non-billable meters are shown as well as billable meters. ESB Networks assessed the changes required to…

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Market Release Assurance – 2014 Non Schema Release

Gemserv drafted the Assurance strategy for the Non Schema Release 2014. This can be accessed here. The following table displays all relevant Assurance dates for both MCRs. MCR1033 MCR1137 Participant Questionnaire issued 30th June, 2014 7th March, 2014 Participant Questionnaire…

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Planning – 2014 Non Schema Release

The CER approved the introduction of the Non Schema Release 2014 on the 06 February 2014. RMDS will co-ordinate the release between ESBN, ROI Market Participants, Gemserv and CER. There will be an update on the Non Schema Release at…

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