Baseline Change History & Archive

CoBL Version (and archive) CoBL Version Effective Date List of Changes since last CoBL
CoBL V4.1 19 August 2020 CoBL V4.1 Changes
CoBL V4.0 23 April 2019 CoBL V4.0 Changes
CoBL V3.1 02 October 2017 CoBL V3.1 Changes
CoBL V3.0 05 August 2016 CoBL V3.0 Changes
CoBL V2.7 02 June 2016 CoBL V2.7 Changes
CoBL V2.6 04 December 2015 CoBL V2.6 Changes
CoBL V2.5 11 February 2015 CoBL V2.5 Changes
CoBL V2.4 21 November 2013 CoBL V2.4 Changes
HBL V2.3 22 February 2012 HBL V2.3 Changes
HBL V2.2 19 December 2011 HBL V2.2 Changes
HBL V2.1 25 August 2011 HBL V2.1 Changes
HBL v2.0 1 July 2011 HBL v2.0 Changes
HBL v1.0 6 October 2010 Original


HBL Version (and archive) HBL Version Effective Date List of changes since last HBL
HSG Terms of Reference V12.0 15 June 2011
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