Monthly Archives: November 2019

IGG Conference Call – 04.12.2019

Event Name IGG Conference Call Date 04.12.2019 Time 15:00 – 16:00 Location N/A Description Regular IGG Conference Call IGG Conference Call Agenda 04.12.2019 v1.0 IGG Actions Carried Forward & New Actions 04.12 2019 v1.0 IGG Conference Call Minutes 04.12.2019 v1.0

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MCR1197 – Keypad Meters for Micro Business

This MCR proposes to amend the Market Procedures to allow KPMs to be installed in certain Micro-Businesses. It would likely require a new UOS Tariff so would likely need to be included in a schema change. Click here to read…

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DR1202 – Micro Generation Sites Process

The proposed process would require suppliers to collect and submit actual meter reads to NIE Networks on an annual basis to enable actual generation to be profiled and netted through the existing market processes. Suppliers would submit these to NIE…

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