Key Timings

The following are the high level key timings for the V13.00.00 Schema Release. All dates are indicative and subject to change via on-going engagement with ESBN, NIE Networks and subsequent approval at ReMCoSG.

Topic Element Indicative Update Dates(TBC)

Market Design

MCR Re Versioning High Level Plan

Q3 2019

Sharing of DRAFT V13.00.00 Schema

ESBN & NIE Networks will confirm approach & timelines

Q3 2019

Market Assurance (ROI)

Market Assurance Approach

Q3 2019

Market Participant Self Assessments (PQ)

1st Engagement

Q3 2019

2nd Engagement

Q2 2020

Market Assurance (Co-Ordinated)

IPT Window (NI & ROI)

Q3/Q4 2020

Implementation Details (ROI Only)

RMP Extranet Screenshots

End of Q3 2020

Sample MMs

Downloadable Meter Points Files

MCR1135 Webservice MetaData


Schema- Formal Publication

Schema for IPT Purposes

(NI & ROI)

End of Q3 2020

Cutover & Contingency Planning

Cutover/Go-Live Period

End of Q3 2020