Unplanned TIBCO Outage- 13/02/2019

ReMCoDS are aware of an on-going issue which has impacted the delivery of market messages to / from TIBCO.

Hourly updates will be posted below.

This will be the central repository for information and updates related to this unplanned outage.

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Update Time Update Detail


NIE Networks wish to advise that connectivity has been restored and Market Systems are now available again.

Messages will be released to the Market in a controlled way once connectivity has been established with each Supplier.

All Supplier are now requested to please perform a reconciliation as soon as possible.

A full incident Investigation is underway to understand the root cause of the incident.



NIE Networks wish to advise that there is an ongoing issue with a Vodafone circuit in Belfast at present which is impacting on the flow of messages to and from the TIBCO Hub.

Service is expected to be restored tomorrow morning and a further update will issue at 9am.

There is no issue with the TIBCO Hub and the resolution of the problem is receiving top priority.



There has been no update on the below Unplanned Outage NIE Networks have informed us that there is still an on going issue.

ReMCoDS have created an update page on the RMDS website here.

Further updates will issue in due course.



ESBN and NIE Networks have requested ReMCoDS to issue the following note:

There is currently an Internet issue which is impacting NIE Networks.

This issue is impacting market messages being sent to / from the TIBCO HUB.