Planning – 2014 Non Schema Release

The CER approved the introduction of the Non Schema Release 2014 on the 06 February 2014. RMDS will co-ordinate the release between ESBN, ROI Market Participants, Gemserv and CER. There will be an update on the Non Schema Release at each IGG until the final cutover in September 2014.

The cutover dates for the two MCRs are as follows:

  • MCR 1137 – Downloadable Meter Point Files to show only Billable meters
  • MCR 1033 – Add MP Business Reference to response Market Messages

ESB Networks is planning delivery of a few Market Facing defects as part of the overall Non Schema release 2014. These include:

  • Actual reads not being used in 016MM when timeslot not provided – Estimated delivery date 17th September 2014 with MCR1033
  • 017 R/E message resulted in a D/E order being created – Estimated delivery date June 2014
  • 2 reads in one message – Estimated delivery date March 2015