MCR 1033 – September 2013

MCR 1033 involves populating the Market Participant Business Reference on a number of 300 series Market Messages thereby facilitating the identification of readings and the events that triggered them.

Currently the Market Participant Business Reference is available but not populated. ESB Networks assessed the changes required to Central Market Systems to support this MCR as of high complexity.

The following table will display a status of the MCR delivery process.

Event Date Status
Participant Questionnaire issued 30th June 2014
Participant Questionnaire returned 21st July 2014
ESBN complete development TBD
Site visit to ESB Networks During period 21st July – 1st August 2014
Inter-Participant Testing Window 5th – 22nd August 2014
Gemserv Report to CER 29th August 2014
CER Go/No-Go Decision 5th September 2014
Cut Over 17th September 2014