TIBCO/Schema Programme – Strategy

The Regularity Authority’s (RA) require an assurance strategy to give them the confidence that the programme is being delivered with a mitigated risk to the co-ordinated markets, delivery is in compliance with the technical and timescale requirements and that all Market Participants are properly prepared for cut-over.


The assurance strategy has been jointly prepared by the assurance bodies (Gemsev in ROI & Neueda in NI) under the Retail Markets Co-ordination Working Group. The Assurance Strategy Document was approved by the ReMCoSG on the 24th June 2015.

Addendum Assurance Plan

This Addendum Assurance Plan is supplementary to, and should be read in conjunction with, the assurance strategy agreed on June 2015.

The Addendum Assurance Plan that will be employed by Gemserv and Neueda (the assurance bodies) is tailored to the specific requirements of Issue 24 and describes the additional actions to be taken, to provide assurance to the areas of risk which were identified in Issue 24.

Addendum Assurance Plan

Assurance Strategy Milestones




Assurance Strategy Document issued to Market Participants

12th June 2014


ReMCoWG approval – extraordinary Con – Call

23rd June 2014


ReMCoSG approval – meeting

24th June 2014