Non-Schema 2015 – MCRs for Implementation

The MCRs that will implemented in the Non-Schema Release for 2015 are listed below.

MCR 1136 131 MM to be added to Messages Tab on Extranet.

MCR 1151 Add the Meter Multiplier and Meter Category code value for each relevant MPRN to the COM_REG and DOM_REG files available on the Secure File Transfer System (SFTS)

The following table will display a status of the MCR delivery process.

Event Date Status
Participant Questionnaire issued 21 Aug 2015
Participant Questionnaire returned 11 Sept 2015
Site Visit to ESBN 12 Sept – 2 Oct 2015
Inter-Participant Testing window(not applicable) N/A
Gemserv Report to CER 16 Oct 2015
CER Go/No-Go Decision 30 Oct 2015
Cut Over 20-22 Nov 2015