Implementation – Scope

Below are the MCRs that form the Scope of the V12.00.00 Release.


MCR Version Number Description Schema / Non-Schema
MCR0175 V7.0 New Reject Reasons for Address Change Rejection Schema
MCR1173 V4.0 Vulnerable Customer Implementation in ROI of SI 463 Schema
MCR1167 V6.0 Facilitate energy efficiencies in Local Authority Public Lighting Schema
MCR1140 V3.0 Introduction of Eircodes into the Retail Market Design in Ireland Non-Schema
MCR1169 V3.0 Addition of Postal Code to two Downloadable Meter Point Details Files Non-Schema
MCR1175 V3.0 Provide Market Participant Business Reference (MPBusinessReference) for Reading Non-Schema
MCR1180 V4.0 New Registration Default Supplier Non-Schema
MCR1183 V2.0 010 Customer Validation Agreement (NI) Schema
MCR1154 V2.0 New Unmetered Tarriff for NI Schema
MCR1184* V2.0 Cooling off for CoS Non Schema
CoBLCR015* V1.0 New RM Code Non Schema

* Later Addition to original Scope of Release, will not be subject to specific Assurance Activities.

In addition to the above ESB Networks are also making the following changes to the Central market Systems.

Non MCR Scope