Monthly Archives: June 2018

DR1194 – Adjust NI Readings

Long term consumption adjustments have been an outstanding market issue for a considerable time period. Metering related issues in particular cases related to equipment, wiring or installation errors create extremely difficult and emotive customer interactions. The current market rules allow…

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DR1192 – NI Cooling Off

As per MPD1 suppliers must allow customers a 10 working day cooling off period to domestic customers. However, it is not documented in MPD1 that when working days are referred to that it is NIE Networks working days that are…

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DR1191 – SoLR Review

The DR was created to initiate a review into the SoLR process. This review of the SoLR process will take into account policy work underway in relation to the SoLR in the Prepayment Electricity sector. Any necessary changed will be…

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DR1190 – Procedure for Supplier initiated transfer of MPRNs from one Supplier ID to another

A new Working Practice has been created to set out the steps which a Supplier must complete in circumstances where supplier initiated transfer of MPRNs from one Supplier ID to another is proposed. The Working Practice sets out a four…

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DR1184 – Cooling off for CoS

The customers’ right to the cooling off period is detailed in Directive 2011/83/EU, which was transposed into Irish legislations through the Statutory Instrument S.I. No. 484 of 2013. It provides, inter alia, for the right of a customer to change…

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