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IGG Conference Call 01.06.2016

Event Name IGG Conference Call Date 01.06.2016 Time 15:00 – 16:00 Location N/A Description Regular IGG Conference Call Agenda for Conf. Call 01062016 v1.0 Conference Call Closed & Carried Forward Actions 1st June 2016 v1.0 Conf Call Minutes 01062016 v2.0

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Protected: RMDS BCP

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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DR1179-Cessation of Eligible Cust Files on ESBN Extranet

RMDS became aware that Market System redundancy existed in relation to the Eligible Customer Files (ECF) and the Downloadable Meter Point Files (DF). RMDS undertook to analyse the possible redundancy. The objective of the analysis was to compare the two…

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DR1178 – Change of Customer Details

Suppliers have had a concern since 2010 that NIE Networks continue to hold previous occupiers’ names on market systems even though that occupier has ended their supply agreement with the registered Supplier. The concerns include the following: 1. As Suppliers…

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DR1176 – Extranet Messages Ordering

The Retail market participant Extranet contains a function called “Message Monitoring”. This enables Participants to identify all messages per MPRN (only MPRNs registered to the MP searching) per functional area. The process/functional areas are categorised as follows:  Change of…

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DR1173-Vulnerable Cust Implementation in RoI of SI 463

This Change Request has been raised for changes that are required to implement compliance in RoI with SI 463 Summary of Proposed Changes: Capture mental health & dexterity impaired as a type of vulnerability thus allowing suppliers to register customers…

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MCR1175 – Provide MP Bus Ref for Reading

When a 210 message is sent for customer read, the 300 message that is returned does not always reference the 210. The Suppliers Business Reference is not always included in the message. The 210 process is then left open on…

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