Unplanned TIBCO Outage – 02/04/2016

RMDS are aware of an on-going issue which has impacted the delivery of market messages to / from TIBCO.

Hourly updates will be posted below.

This will be the central repository for information and updates related to this unplanned outage.

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Capita have just advised that the TIBCO Hub has fully resumed operation. Messages are being received and transmitted by the HUB for ROI and NI so full market operation between all parties should have resumed.

Capita technical team and relevant CMS technical team’s in ROI and NI are monitoring queues and ensuring message flow operates normally. If you notice any issues please contact ReMCoDS via email or my mobile below.

For Tomorrow:

  • It is critical that all MPs perform a reconciliation early tomorrow morning to identify any discrepancies. Contact ReMCoDS asap regarding discrepancies. Discrepancies or anomalies will be investigated with priority and resolved.
  • Capita request that you do an EMMA systems check as early as possible to ensure all services are operating correctly.


Thank you to all teams involved in the resolution of this issue – it has been an around the clock operation since early Saturday  morning.



Power has recently been re-established to the Capita premises. The full technical team is on site and will be working to resume all system operation. Systems are currently being brought online. it is hoped that all Retail Market Systems will be back online within the next 2-3 hours.


We have just been advised by Capita that the premises housing all TIBCO infrastructure has undergone a power Outage.

The outage took place around 9am this morning. All necessary engineers and staff are on site to assist with the quickest possible resolution of the outage.

The impact on the retail market is as follows:

  • TIBCO is currently down as is NIE back end systems.
  • Suppliers in both jurisdictions can continue to send market messages. They will queue and be processed as soon as power is resumed and systems are back online.
  • ROI CMS will continue to send outbound messages to Suppliers. All will queue and will be processed as soon as power is resumed and systems back online.
  • Capita confirm that it appears all batch jobs running over night would have completed by the start of the outage with all associated messages having been sent by CMS’s and received by MPs.

We will require MPs to carry out reconciliation on Monday morning so that any anomalies or discrepancies can be reported through to the appropriate channels and investigated accordingly.

Capita and ReMCoDs are in frequent contact and will provide you with updates as soon as there is one. The RMDS website will not be updated out of hours. It will be updated retrospectively on Monday Morning. Email contact will continue during the out of hours period.

Capita apologise for the inconvenience caused by this unforeseen event.