Unplanned TIBCO Outage Update – 29th March 2016

RMDS are aware of an on-going issue which has impacted the delivery of market messages to / from TIBCO.

Hourly updates will be posted below.

This will be the central repository for information and updates related to this unplanned outage.

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The backlog of market messages is currently being processed and it is estimated that it will be cleared by 19:00 hrs. today.

It is important that all Suppliers carry out reconciliation checks tomorrow morning so that any anomalies or discrepancies can be reported through to the appropriate channels and investigated accordingly.

Thanks for your continued patience while this work is carried out.



As part of the market message reconciliation checks following the issues encountered on Tuesday, a number of missing messages have been identified.  It is planned to reissue these messages in batches throughout today to ensure all Suppliers are up-to-date and have no messages outstanding.  In the meantime Suppliers should continue to carry out their daily reconciliation checks and highlight any discrepancies through the normal channels.  We would like to take the opportunity to thank Suppliers for their patience while this work is being carried out.



Capita have confirmed that that they have had no TIBCO related issues reported overnight.

A total of 81,271 DSO messages were sent from the HUB yesterday (29/03)

A batch of 32,423 messages were processed between 22:00 & 23:00 hrs yesterday evening.



Capita have confirmed that messages are now flowing between SAP PI and the TIBCO HUB.

There is no evidence of the exceptions that were previously being experienced and all systems appear to have resumed normal operation. Capita are continuing to monitor from the HUB.

If necessary, further updates will be provided at 9am tomorrow.



Work is underway by Capita on the TIBCO HUB. Once activities on TIBCO hub completed, SAP PI queues will be monitored for activity / timeouts


No additional info as of yet. Investigation continuing.