MCR1133 – Working Practice for Grouped Unmetered Debt Flagging

In June 2011 the Commission published a proposed Decision, CER/11/106 – Customer Bad Debt in Electricity & Gas Markets, on the issue of Customer Bad Debt. CER approved the implementation of a debt flagging facility into the Change of Supplier processes for both domestic and small/medium businesses in the electricity and gas markets.

The CER further ruled on the key dates for implementation, as follows:

– Interim Debt Flagging solution for implementation by 1st Oct 2011

– Automated Debt Flagging solution for implementation by 1st Jan 2013 (Please note, this date cannot be achieved as there is no Jan 2013 Market Release.)

Re-versioned and approved in Jan 2015 to include minor changes in WP 23: to File Naming Convention(Steps 3and 8) and minor clarification where the Supplier needs to resend due to a correction (Step 8)

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