DR1168 – Market Messages for Config Changes

Over the last number of months Energia have witnessed a rise in 331 MMs received from NIE which are meter configuration changes but there are no metering details sent in the XML. This scenario appears to occur specifically where the meter configuration has changed from H100 to H101 and export registers are being added to an existing QH meter by NIE.

In previous email discussions NIE have advised that they are unable to send us a 331 with meter details populated. This has resulted in manual work for our business users on the Energia system and the numbers have increased. On 7th May 2015 our analysis found that we had received fifteen 331 XML messages in this scenario.

This DR has been requested for NIE to put a fix in place as soon as possible to ensure that suppliers always receive updated metering details via market message for any configuration changes.

In this case where export is being added to the existing meter, there is clearly a change here which should be communicated back to the supplier via metering details received in the XML.

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