Monthly Archives: September 2015

IGG Conference Call – 07.10.2015

Event Name IGG Conference Call Date 07.10.2015 Time 15:00 – 16:00 Location N/A Description Regular IGG Conference Call Agenda for Conf. Call 07102015 v1.0 Conf Call Minutes 071015 v1.0 Conf Call Actions Closed and Carried Forward 7th October 2015 v1.0…

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DR1169 – Addition of Postal Code to two Downloadable Meter Point Details Files

This change request is for the addition, in ROI, of Postal Codes into two Downloadable Meter Point Details Files. Two Downloadable Meter Point Details Files will be amended to include Postal Codes. There are five files in the suite of…

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DR1168 – Market Messages for Config Changes

Over the last number of months Energia have witnessed a rise in 331 MMs received from NIE which are meter configuration changes but there are no metering details sent in the XML. This scenario appears to occur specifically where the…

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MCR1154 – New Unmetered Tariff for NI

New photocells are being rolled out across the Department of Regional Development network in NI. These new cells are 35/18 photocells compared to (1) dusk to dawn (70/35) (3,906 burn hours) and (2) continuous (8,970 burn hours). These new cells…

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MCR 1140 – Introduction of Eircodes into the Retail Market in Ireland.

This change request concerns the design for the introduction of Eircodes into the Retail Market in Ireland. Implementation timelines will be separately agreed, as normal. In 2015, Ireland will implement a postcode system called Eircode (see the Eircode Website https://www.eircode.ie)….

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